Michael J. Radke

Processing total solar eclipse images

🏗️ This page is a work in progress. 🏗️

This blog post will eventually include a summary of how I processed my images of the April 2024 total solar eclipse (TSE). My goal is to reproduce–at least in part–the methods of Miroslav Druckmüller, Nicolas Lefaudeux, and others using Druckmüller’s pubished methodology… but this is much easier said than done! 😅 For now, this post will simply contain a list resources I found useful.

I imagine the final process will be comprised of the following steps: (these will likely become links to separate blog posts as they are completed)

Processed images

Bray Falls’s TSE images

Nicolas Lefaudeux’s TSE images

Miroslav Druckmüller’s TSE images

Phil Hart’s TSE images

Image processing guides

Sean Walker’s guide in Sky & Telescope

Bray has a brief summary on his Astrobin page

Cloudy Nights 2024 eclipse forum

Academic papers

The Espenak method

Digital Compositing Techniques for Coronal Imaging

The Druckmüller method

A new numerical method of total solar eclipse photography processing

Hana Druckmüllerova’s thesis: Application of Adaptive Filters in Processing of Solar Corona Images

Enhancing Coronal Features with the Fourier Normalizing Radial Graded Filter

A Noise Adaptive Fuzzy Equalization Method for Processing Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Images